Hi Philip,

Yes, I have a choice of PHP3 or 4 and this script happened to be in PHP 3 so
I just tweaked it.  I didn't realize that one day
$chars[mt_rand(0,$chars_len)] would "no longer work", but at least it is
backwards compatible now.  I've made a mental note of that for future

PHP 3 also barked at


which I just changed to intval()

I should really do better bounds checking.  How about:

if (!$len) $len=8;

kind regards,


Philip Olson wrote:

> It appears the only change you made was :
> >     $tmp .= $chars[mt_rand(0,$chars_len)];
> >From :
> > >     $tmp .= $chars{mt_rand(0,$chars_len)};
> Which is strange.  the [] use on strings has been depreciated in favor
> of {} as of php4 but I don't know at what version {} came into being
> exactly. What version of PHP are you running, php3?  Or, does anyone know
> much about this?
> Anyway, glad it works :)
> For informational purposes, this depreciation is stated here :
>   http://www.php.net/manual/en/language.types.string.php
> And for those watching at home, am referring to :
>   $string = 'abc';
>   print $string[0]; // depreciated (might not work one day, when?)
>     vs.
>   print $string{0};
> Both print 'a' though.
> Regards,
> Philip Olson

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