> i've been told that the files must be owned by the

Which files?  For what?...

> same person that owns the httpd. using ps ef |grep
> httpd, it says "grep httpd USERNAME=
> ENV=/home/police/.bashrc HISTSIZE="
> my unix login is police. so, what does this mean as
> far as trying to get my chmod command to work?

Probably nothing at all.  You need to look in httpd.conf to see what User is
set to.  If you can't look in httpd.conf (at an ISP) <?php phpinfo();?> may
tell you.

If all else fails, you can *probably* do:
<?php exec("/usr/bin/whoami", $results, $errorcode);?>
echo implode("<BR>\n", $results);
if ($errorcode){
    echo "OSError $errorcode.  Usually path/permissions.  man
errno.<BR>\nMaybe don't even have permission to exec whoami... :-(<BR>\n";

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