Richard Lynch wrote (Many thanks Rick for this):

>>     <% virtual ("../../../../headlvl4.shtml"); %>
>>This works fine for the header, but makes an error when the include
>>built in function calls the php script that shows the main panel of the
> I don't see how the virtual() is involved here at all:

I don't see it also, but it really happens: when using the virtual(), 
the include() can't find its way. I've just checked it again: I comment 
out the virtual() and the include() works.

barra.php DOES lives next to (in the same directory as) main.php

>>Warning: Failed opening './barra.php' for inclusion
>>(include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in
>>on line 44
>>I've tried to put the dot ahead the name but it is no working either.
> Either barra.php lives next to (in the same directory as) main.php, or it
> lives in /usr/local/lib/php, or you're not going to get it to work.
> You'll have to change your include_path to have the path of barra.php, or
> you'll have to change your include './barra.php' to be relative to one of
> the two paths in include_path.
> PS  I always used include_path "./:..." rather than just ".:...", but I'm
> not sure it matters.
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