>  As I understand it, PHP 4 has CURL support.
>    1) is enabling the curl extension a substitute for installing the curl
>       package?
>       In other words, if I enable the extension, do I still need to instal
>       the CURL package?

You need to install CURL, and tell PHP where it is when you compile
it, in order to use the extensions.

>   2) Can I install curl without ROOT access? 

Probably, but I wouldn't know...

>   3) Does FOPEN()  NOT support HTTPS, or do I need to do something
>     special.

Probably not. As I understand it, you need to install some kind
of patch to your system to allow you to open URLs with fopen().
That's unlikely to support encrypted transactions (https).

>   4) How else can I innitiate a HTTPS connection on a *NIX system?
>      Is Socket the only solution?

CURL works nicely... I doubt you'd get far with sockets since you
would have to encrypt and decrypt on your own.


Jason Murray
Web Developer, Melbourne IT
"Work now, freak later!"

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