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> The company I work for is starting to lose contracts because they are not
> capable of EDI. As I seem to be the only person in the company who has
> of EDI and knows what it stands for I am assumed to be an expert :-)

Ain't it always the way :-)

> Anyway, I would like to suggest that instead of EDI we use XML and use PHP
> both as a parser and a creater of the EDI like transactions. I would
> they are sent over the net and probably PGP encrypted or signed. I have
> some minor work with PHP and XML, mainly credit card authorisation, but
> wondered how suited it would be to this kind of app?


PHP should be quite capable of handling this,
but you will end up creating a lot of the business
logic from scratch.  If your company already uses
integrated management software like SAP, it may
have EDI capabilities built in.

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