Man, this is a real value!

I was in a trouble thinking how to publish data coming from the 
administration area. Thinking in programming visual basic interfaces, 
generate SQL inserts, etc. But now you can simply publish it and thats 
all! Browsing with google, I found this well written article from Tim 
Uckun "ODBC Socket Server"

Dos cositas:

1. This works for any ODBC filter installed on the windows server? So, 
we can browse and update excel, text, SQL Server, etc, without having to 
compile native support in the php?

2. The page at, stated as the source for the 
ODBCSocketServer server, is not on-line now. Does anybody knoes if this 
will be fixed soon? Is there another source for the ODBCSocketServer server?

Ignacio Estrada wrote:

> Hi, you can see the ODBCSocketServer application driver.   Check  some
> related topics in the search engine.
> Atte. Ignacio Estrada F.
> Centro Nacional de Control de Energia
> Area de Control Occidental
> 025+6463, 025+6464, 025+6469

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