speedboy wrote:
> What do people do with required files? I have a file called config.php
> which contains all my functions. It is 329526 bytes. Should I split this
> up into other files? I don't think so, but what do others think?

I too am curious about a recommended or best practice. I create a
function file that contains numerous functions for generating forms that
are used more than once in a site and it becomes large when the forms
are complex. But the alternative is to bloat the individual files by
including the function code on each page that uses it. Or, if you split
the one, large file into some number of smaller files, it increases the
administrative burden of knowing what is in each smaller file and
requiring the correct sub-file in the right context rather than
routinely requiring the one catch-all file every time one or more
function is needed.

Kris O.

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