Hi all,

I am having a problem with a PHP script, in which I am using a self-written
OLE object to provide data to the script.  I have two other OLE DLLs that I
also use in PHP scripts which work fine.  I wrote all of the DLLs in Borland
Delphi, btw.  (I am running PHP 4.0.6 and Apache 1.3.20 on Windows 2000 Pro)

For some reason, whenever I try to access one of the Char/String variables
(in only this DLL) from PHP, it returns a warning: "Error in
php_OLECHAR_to_char()".  I have been trying to fix this problem for some
time now, and am having no luck finding a source.  I have had this message
before, but it was easily fixed by setting a default value for the strings
(in the DLLs) to a single ascii-32, so that the return would not be blank.

The only difference between this object and the others is that the low-level
delphi code uses pointer variables to set up the data access, whereas the
others do not.  I have used this object in other non-PHP projects (and tests
:) and it works as it is intended to.  Also, all other types of variables in
the object are intact.

Can anyone suggest a source of this problem?  On what conditions does
php_OLECHAR_to_char() error out?

Thanks in advance,
Joshua Ecklund - mProwler

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