> Rather than the web server config, I was referring to renaming 
> all the .php3 files to have .php extensions, and combing through 
> all the files, finding all references to .php3 files, and changing 
> them to refer to .php files.  I know exactly how to do it ...  I 
> do similar tasks routinely ... on my Linux servers.  I don't know 
> how to make that task easy in Illegal Monopoly OS.

Whoops, my mistake ... got into my server config mindset and I
was off and racing. :)

Incidentally, what you ARE talking about is very easy in IMOS, 
with the right tool.


Open all the files, replace ".php3" with ".php" in "All Open
Documents"... save 'em all and change the filenames in the file
list and you're done.

But then, the right tools make the job easy regardless of


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