I'm recursivley reading and editing every .htm and .html file in a 500 page
website and upgrading it to contain linked CSS, Javascript includes and PHP
includes. i can't use a pre_pend file as there's more than one website on
the server, and the changes are embedded in the document rather than just
the header/footer. the script works fine and all, trouble is that PHP

Sometimes the script will run fine, other times PHP will decide to read the
same file 10-20 times and then do the same for everyfile in certain
directories. it's really annoying as some changes will be made over and over
and over, also with 500 files being read 5-10 times each, the page times out
after about 5000 reads...

is this a PHP bug? or an Microsoft bug? or something else...

i'm running PHP verson 4.0.4pl1 off a 2000 server and IIS

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