picture I have a class with some variable holding the information of this
class. Now there are some functions to manipulate the vars. well, you nou
what classes are about. but now I want to add functions that are located in
a different php file. but this functions need to use the the var of the

bassicly what a want is extends the original class with more functionalities
like. you could see it as adding plug-ins in a program. So I don't want to
just copy past the functions in the original class file.

class a {

    var VAR1
    var VAR2
    var VAR3


    function a($param) {

    function test2($param) {

the require(morefunctions.php); will ofcource not work but bassicly this is
what I want. en all the functions added should be able to use VAR1 VAR2 VAR3
(and the other functions that are allready in the class)

is there a why to do this ??

kind regards
Jeroen Olthof

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