Hi all...

Having problems with some php3 to php4 stuff..  the site has a form that has 
been setup to ask questions outside our discussion forums.  

The form.html contains <FORM action="util/questionmailer.php" method="post">

The questionmailer code is as below.  I have only changed the email addy and the 
file extension from .php3 to .php on the questionmailer file and the .php 
(above) in the form.html page.  I have checked the php on-line manual, but can 
find nothing that fits my problems or errors.

I am getting: 
1) Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in 
/usr/home/blah/html/util/questionmailer.php on line 24
2) Parse error: parse error in /usr/home/erc/html/util/questionmailer.php on 
line 24

Line 24 in my code is:  <a href="\%22mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]\%22";>

//questionmailer.php code

<?php $mailTo="[EMAIL PROTECTED]" ; 
        $mailSubject="Question" ; 
        $mailBody="Name: $name \r\n" ; 
        $mailBody .="Email: $email \r\n" ; 
        $mailBody .="Question: $question \r\n" ; 
        if(mail($mailTo, $mailSubject, $mailBody)) 
            print("Thank-You, your request has been sent."); 
            print("There was a problem transporting your request, please try    
            print("If the problem persists you can mail your question directly  
           to <address><a href="\%22mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]\%22";>
            <p>the forum administrator</a>"); 

Is there something I'm missing here?  
(I am coming from an ASP background, with VB and some C++ knowledge, so it all 
looks familiar, I am just trying to sort out syntax and think it must be that 
type of error.  I didn't write the original code, just trying to fix it all :)


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