>I got an error "Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\... on
line 224" while
>accessing a PHP page tie to a Mysql database.

>1. Is 30 seconds the normal setting before it times out ?
It is the default settings. It's rarely normal that a script last that long.
My longest scripts is about 8 seconds and it sends about 250 emails
by grabbing the data in a database at various location!

>2. Is this error is due to PHP or Mysql ?
Tough to say because we do not know much about the error. But if you never
made the connection
to this database before I would first look into that. Comment the mysql code
and run the page just
to make shure it is that.

>3. How to I set it to 60 seconds ?
You can do it in php.ini or with the function set_time_limit (int seconds)
But I would not do that. Something not normal cause your script to be timed
Putting the time limit at 60 seconds would not cure that.



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