I have had PHP/Java running for a while and Haven't had any issues with the
standard classes.  I was recently given a jar file containing a bunch of
classes to be used on a project.  I get the following error on several of
the methods when called:

Warning: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: initialize

Now this method definitely exists.  The syntax I am using is as follows:

$Class = new Java("long.path.to.class");

   $Method = $Class->initialize("12345", "George", "123 spiff Street",
"suite 121", "Hometown", "USA", "12345", "UPG");

I am not real solid with java yet so even a simple problem can hang me up
with this.  Does the length of the class path cause any issues?  Other
methods in other classes work fine.  So I am pretty much lost at this point
any help would be great.

Bill Koch

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