Aloysius wrote:

> my mysql database just won't work .. i think i have configured it correctly cause i 
>can see  a page but the codes are messed up ..
> i can confirm that the servers supports php . both php and php3 extension because 
>i've tried uploading simple codes and it appears correctly ...

You might want to recheck your server. The php is definitaly not being parced, I 
should not be able to see any of the php code within the HTML. A
simple test would be to create a file like test.php with a single line
<? phpinfo() ?>. This should display everything about your php interpreter, if php is 
not running only that line will be displayed in your browser.
I hopes this helps locate your problem

> can anyone help ? thanks
> the link is
> aloysius

Ron Wills
DMS Control Programmer

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