I'm attempting to work with PHP4's session handling..

Version: 4.0.4pl1
OS: Linux

Involves: sesssion_module_name(); session.save_handler (php.ini)

Objective: I want to define user functions so that I can save session
information to mySql database. I have created the necessary functions to do
this, and put them into here as so:

session_set_save_handler("mysql_session_open", "mysql_session_close",
  "mysql_session_select", "mysql_session_write",

Since I do not have control over the php.ini file, I cannot just go change
the Master value to 'user'. There are three ways which I attempted to do

1) Added this line into the .htaccess file:  php_value session.save_handler
2) session_module_name("user");
3) ini_set("session.save_handler", "user");

Both of these returned a value of 'user' for the local value. However, the
master value is still 'files'.

At this point, everything appears to be correct, yet I *always* get this
message when trying to use the 'user' module.

Fatal error: Failed to initialize session module in
/home/woodstor/thefinewoodstore-www/index.php on line 3

Line 3 is where the session_start(); function is called.

I'm stuck here. How can I figure out what is wrong here? This appears to be
a symptom of an older version of PHP which had a 'bug' in it, and would
always return that error should you try to use session_module_name() to set
the module. However, I thought this was fixed? Is there any way around this
to do what I want to do?

Any suggestions to figure out how to fix this?


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