In the ASP page I've been developing for work (yeah, I know... icky ASP...) 
I have an order form on the screen.  The first field is a custmer 
number.  In the OnBlur even for that form field, the javascript on that 
page instantiates a remote scripting object, which calls another ASP page 
to lookup that customer number.  If it's found, it returns a string which 
the calling javascript function parses out and populates the form.  All 
without ever leaving the form in the browser or having to refresh the form.

Another example I'm using is exactly like you mentioned.  I have two 
dropdowns.  In the onChange even of the first one, it fires up a remote 
scritping object pulling back a string of values, retrieved from a 
database, and populates the second drop down.  All again without ever 
refreshing or leaving the current browser page.


Ther's a lot more to it, and there are some extensive scritping files you 
have to include, and I've not been completely through them, so I don't know 
what it would take to convert to other platforms.  It also relies on a 
non-visual java applet that loads as well.

At 10:42 AM 9/6/2001 -0500, Alfredo Yong wrote:
>Ok, fine but what about something like this:
>say you have a page with a dropdown to select cities and a second dropdown 
>to select places in the previously selected city. You change the cities 
>dropdown and normally you reload all the page to fill in the places for 
>the second dropdown. Say also this page weigths a lot, with javascript 
>menus, images and etc and don't want to reload all the page at each user 
>Is there a way to reload *just* the second dropdown based on the OnChange 
>event in the first one? This is useful even using only MS-IE, because you 
>can use it for restricted, maintenance modules users)
>I know there is something about this using a Microsoft technology (called 
>DSO?), allowing you to download a recordset, update several records on the 
>MS-IE browser, and then send the updates in batch mode back to the 
>database. (It doesn't work with my PWS)
>Michael Kimsal wrote:
>>The javascript would have to call a PHP script on the server instead of 
>>an ASP script.  It's nothing specific to MS stuff.
>>MailingLists wrote:
>>>I don't know if it's IIS or ASP that handles this, but there's a beast 
>>>called a remote scripting object.  It combines JavaScript and ASP to 
>>>call a remote script on your server without having to submit your 
>>>browser or load a new page.  SO I can add a value to a form field and in 
>>>the onchange event for that form call a function which resides in a 
>>>script on the server, it hits a database or whatever and then returns a 
>>>value that I can display on the same page.
>>>Is there any way to do this within a PHP script on Linux?
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