On Thursday 06 September 2001 16:35, Nikola Veber wrote:
> Can anyone who has this book suggest what chapters should
> I read first or which topics on php are the most apropriate for a beginner.

You shouldn't use the cookbook in that way. Try like this: You are writing 
whatever application it is you are writing, and you come across problem X 
dealing with stuff about Y. What you do now is browse through the very first 
section of the book, called "Contents at a Glance". Look for the header 
concerning Y, then look on for a solution to problem X.

Most problems you will encounter as a newbie are indeed touched upon by this 
book, and when that is not the case, there is the internet.

> My only php resources are internet and this book.

Great. That combination should get you well underway.


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