Multiple part question to all:

1) Have you released full or partial code to any of your projects?

2) What kind of program was it (web mail, groupware, bulletin board, website
template etc)?

3) Why did you (not) release it?

4) What kind of license did you use?  GPL?  LGPL?  BSD?  Your own mini one?
No license?

5) Code Questions:
a) What did you do before release?  What kind of quality checks did you do
to the PHP code?

b) What about commenting?

c) Code grouping and logic? (Like grouping like functions and classes

d) What about any hack jobs you did?  Did you clean them up totally or just
polish them a little or just release as is?  Thats probably the only good
thing about closed source development, you could write a love letter to your
SO or an essay on the Thirty Years War in relation to the fall of the Holy
Roman Empire and noone would know

6) What kind of feedback have you gotten?  Good (People applauding/thanking
you)?  Bad (People calling you a jerk and hoping your first born falls in a
well and they make a horrible TV movie about it?)?  All just complaints
about the quality of it?  Good suggestions (I think it would be better if
here you...)?  Any wild suggestions (I think your web mail application
should also do taxes for each employee, in addition to doing our internal
message board)?

7) What kind of input do you accept from the user?  Code replacement/feature

8) Do you still do your own updates to it or is it "abandonware"?

a) What kind of updates?  Security fixes?  Bug fixes?  Minor feature
upgrades?  Major feature upgrades?  Complete overhauls?

9) How customized is your PHP app to the end user?
all over?  Can they insert their own name to make it more customizable and
look like their own?  Is it just a library backend?

10) What is the setup of the PHP app like?
Is it like "Okay, untar it and there it is" or "Okay, untar it, edit the
config file and you are done" or "Untar it and do our little web based
configurator to finish" or "Untar it, recompile your kernel, recompile
Apache, PHP and MySQL, sell your immortal soul to your neighbor for $1.50
and walk on your hands for 2 weeks"?

11) MySQL Question:  When having people install your PHP app and it needs
its own MySQL database with custom table structure, what is the best
instructions to tell idiots how to do it?

- k

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