we have an account with an ISP which is not 
extremely up to date (PHP3) but we are allowed to 
install MySQL. Ourselves. (But not on the default 
space, which is a disaster. Luckily there is a very 
experienced man, he even used to work for that ISP 
doing this for us. :-) Still took him 40 hours)

Now i was thinking, it is much easier to install 
PHP4 (i sincerley hope) on a non default location. 

BUT how can we tell Apache to only for _our_ 
account use that PHP4? 

This is how it is set up:
 FreeBSD 4.0.1, Apache, 
 internet dir at usr/local/WWW/www.ourdomain.org/
 mysql at usr/o/ourdomain/mysql
 php can be there too like /usr/o/ourdomain.org
   i suppose as a CGI.



--  C.Hayes  Droevendaal 35  6708 PB Wageningen  
the Netherlands  --


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