where's the form, maybe the problem is there. your update query has no where
statment, this isnt syntaxicaly incorrect, its just rare that you need to
update every single element in the database to the same value. everything
else looks ok, what exactly is the error/warning ? you dont accually need
the $conn in mysql_query() and die() is just nasty, I like a little bit more
friendly user errors. I also like to shorten things by putting the
mysql_query in the if() statement

if ( !mysql_query($sql) )


  Chris Lee

"Gary" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have a form that has name (unique in the table), team, pick, and
> message. The below is updating all the rows with the same updates. where
> have I screwed up?
> $sql = "UPDATE cappers SET team= \"$team\", pick = \"$pick\", message =
> \"$message\"";
> //Get Results
> $sql_result = mysql_query($sql, $conn) or die("Couldn't Query Database");
>         if(!$sql_result) {
> Gary

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