What's the reasoning behind that number? (330-)

I'm about to implement something similar, using BCC (since the emails 
don't need to be personalized). I've searched in the past for the 
answers to 2 questions, but haven't had any luck. Can you shed any light 
on the issue?

1. Is there a limit on the number of BCC recipients that can be 
included? (Is this where you got the 330 number?) If so, what is it, and 
if not, what is a reasonable number to include in a single email (1000, 
10000, 100000, etc)

2. Is it possible, using BCC from a mail() function in PHP, to 
accidentally reveal the list of recipients to anyone who receives the 

Andrew Elliston

On Thursday, September 6, 2001, at 04:35 PM, Miles Thompson wrote:

> Well, try it - find a willing victim and just do a simple loop.
> Alternately, set up an account with a local, high-bandwidth ISP, batch 
> in groups of 330-, and use BCC.
> Miles
> At 04:16 PM 9/6/01 -0700, Fotwun wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I need to send a broadcast email to our customers (about 3,000 
>> emails). The
>> data is being drawn for the DB, and will be personalized. Obviously, 
>> the
>> code to do this is only a few lines. However, I am concerned with the 
>> load
>> it will put on the system trying to loop through and mail() 3,000+ 
>> times.
>> Because of the overhead I anticipate this will cause the server, I am
>> planning to do it late in the evening.

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