On Fri,  7 Sep 2001 14:44, Joseph Blythe wrote:
> Hey all,
> I got a bit of a problem I need to be able to grab info (which has been
> approved) from the Australian Stock Exchange Website (www.asx.com.au)
> all they say about this in the information they sent me is:
> "To obtain your share price data you will need to get your IT
> department to write a java object or a com active x object to strip out
> the unnecessary html so that you are just left with your share price
> information."
> LOL I am the IT department (well part of it) and I don't use or would
> even recommend using these products not that there is anything wrong
> with them, furthermore even if I did this does not help me very much
> (c:
> I was sort of wondering if there is a way to do this sort of thing with
> PHP? the only other information I have is the URL in the form of:
> http://www.asx.com.au/scripts/nd_ISAPI_50.dll/asx/research/chartsSearch
>.jsp? searchBy=asxCode&TimeFrame=D&asxCode=ASX
> I tried a quick test using the filesystem functions with no success, I
> was sort of hoping for a 'Yes' / 'No" answer maybe if 'Yes' just a
> quick explanation.
> Any help would be much much appreciated.
> Regards,
> Joseph Blythe
> Web Development

Seems like PHP has something to do just about anything; in this case you 
may find striptags is just the bee's knees.

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