On the first page of a session, PHP attempts to set a PHPSESSID cookie.  It
won't get that cookie back until you reload the page or load another page,
so it has no way of knowing on the first page whether or not the browser
accepted the cookie.  So, it adds the PHPSESSID string to all of your local
links in order to maintain the session.  When you load another page during
the same session and your browser sends the cookie back, PHP sees that
cookies are working, so it no longer modifies your links.

If you want to disable this behavior, you can add this line to your php.ini

session.use_trans_sid = 0

This will cause sessions to not work on browsers where cookies are disabled.

Doug Granzow

"Tim" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> When I first browse to a site on my LAN, I get links with URLs that look
> like this:
> chat/?PHPSESSID=f3d149f79f5196bd709fb3c256dbb3d8
> after a refresh, the whoe PHPSESSID goes away.
> Wondered if there was some setting in php.ini that I've overlooked?
> I'm running PHP4 with Apache on an Unstable Debian box.
> Any help would be appreciated :-)

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