Hi everone...
I'm having a little problem. The code below pops up a password dialog box
where the user types in a username and a password to be able to proceed.
However, if the user does not close the browser and goes back to the link,
which they pops up the diolog box again and they don't have to type in there
username and password again. They are remembered. I would like it so that
the user has to type in there username and password any and every time that
the diolog box is called on. Doe anyone know how to do this?  I tried to
clear the contents of PHP_AUTH_USER and PHP_AUTH_PW at the top of the page
but that just messed things up. Can someone please help me?


if (isset( $PHP_AUTH_USER ) && isset($PHP_AUTH_PW))

    // Connect to MySQL

    mysql_connect( 'l', 'c', 'c' )
        or die ( 'Unable to connect to server.' );

    // Select database on MySQL server

    mysql_select_db( 'contact' )
        or die ( 'Unable to select database.' );

    // Formulate the query

    $sql = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE
            username = '$PHP_AUTH_USER' AND
            password = '$PHP_AUTH_PW'";

    // Execute the query and put results in $result

    $result = mysql_query( $sql )
        or die ( 'Unable to execute query.' );

    // Get number of rows in $result.

    $num = mysql_numrows( $result );

    if ( $num != 0 )

        // A matching row was found - the user is authenticated.

        $auth = true;



if ( ! $auth )

    header( 'WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="Private"' );
    header( 'HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized' );
    echo 'Authorization Required.';

} else



if ($valid != "yes") {
        header("Location: contact_menu.php");


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