I've got a problem with regular expression syntax with ereg_replace:

ereg_replace(':start:(.*):end:','this is \\1',':start: first :end: middle :start: last 

   returns - this is first :end: middle :start: last

   but I want - this is first middle this is last

The problem seems to be that ereg_replace is being greedy on the match and matching as 
much as it
instead of just finding the first match, handling that and then going on to the next 

I can get it to work with preg_replace i.e. 

preg_replace(':start:(.*?):end:','this \\1',':start first :end: middle :start: last 

   returns - this is first middle this is last 

But my actual string is on multiple lines, and preg_replace doesn't seem to continue 
to match on the next line, whereas ereg_replace happily treats newlines just like any 

So how do I stop ereg_replace being greedy or alternatively get preg_replace to treat 
lines as a single source string?


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