On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, Gerard Samuel wrote:

> Can a file be truncated from the beginning, and by x amount of lines??
> Thanks
    Truncated from the beginning?  Do you mean truncate the file by X
    lines, starting from the first position in the file, well, yeah:

    $fp = fopen("filename", "r+");

    // Start counting from 0, set to one, if you want to start counting
    // from 1
    $count = 0;

    while (!@feof($fp)) {
        // Not used, but unless your line lengths are longer than
        // 4K, this will effectively skip over a line
        $line = fgets($fp, 4096);

        if (++$count == $line_number_you_want) {
            ftruncate($fp, ftell($fp));


    Please note the above is devoid of error checking :)


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