ok! I've been trying to figure this out, and I'm completely stumped! I've started from 
scratch with a test script, here is my code:

if (!$PHPSESSID) {
 $sess_name = "Jason";
 $sess_auth = "1";
print "<CENTER>Testing<B></CENTER>";
print "<BR>\$sess_name is: $sess_name<BR>\$sess_auth is: $sess_auth";
if ($go) {
 print "<BR>Go was initiated";
 $sess_name = "BillyBob";
if (session_is_registered("sess_name") != FALSE) {
 print "<BR>\$sess_name is registered with the session!";
} else {
 print "<BR>\$sess_name is <B>NOT</B> registered with the session!";

The session  variables will remain set, but will it looks like my session gets lost 
every now and then....  if you want to see an example, go to 
http://northpointless.org/test.php  and hit refresh several times. I cannot figure out 
what is happening.

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