How do I retrieve the messages from the list archive and how do i store the 
data in text files/database . 

Pl. help me out. 



B. van Ouwerkerk writes: 

> You can use MySQL. Take a look at the ezmlm homepage, and check the ezmlm 
> mailinglist archive.. 
> Pulling data out of a MySQL table is easy.. if you don't know how, just 
> look at some tutorials (www.devshed.com) more links can be found at 
> www.php.net 
> Bye, 
> B. 
> At 20:28 8-9-01 +0000, crorepati wrote:
>> Hello, 
>> We are using ezmlm mailing list on our server.
>> We want to make the mailing list archive available on our website. How 
>> can we do this ?
>> any help will be highly appreciable. 
>> thanks
>> cp

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