Saturday, September 08, 2001, 5:40:46 PM, you wrote:

AM> when i submit a form and try to have it post a cookie in the php thing i get
AM> this error message:

AM> Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output
AM> started at /usr/local/www/data/vi2dev/root/layout/functions.php:167) in
AM> /usr/local/www/data/vi2dev/root/admin/manager.php on line 19

You cannot set a cookie or send any header information (a-ha! a clue
in an error message!) after headers (content) have been sent.

So, put your setcookie() or header() function before any other output.
 "output" includes whitespace and line breaks, etc.

- Julie

--> Julie Meloni

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