define(INPUT_FILE, "test.abc"); //Input file
    $if = fopen(INPUT_FILE, "r") or Die(); //Open the input file
    $of = fopen(INPUT_FILE.".$$$", "w") or Die(); //Open temporary file

    FPutS($of, $yourdata); //Write data first
    while (!FEof($if)) //Then...
        FPutS($of, FGetS($if, 1000));  //...write the input file

    FClose($of); //Close...
    FClose($if); //... used file
    UnLink(INPUT_FILE);  //Delete input file
    Rename(INPUT_FILE.".$$$", INPUT_FILE); //Rename temporary file to
input file ?>

This was only for illustration... Not much error checking was done... I
hope, this is what you need :)

D) You have to use CSS:

BODY {scrollbar-face-color: #5884B0; scrollbar-shadow-color: black;
      scrollbar-highlight-color: #BBCCDC; scrollbar-3dlight-color:
      scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #BBCCDC; scrollbar-track-color:
      scrollbar-arrow-color: navy}

Try to experiment with it :)

C) No ;-)


-----Original Message-----
From: Kyle Smith [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] 
Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2001 9:30 PM
Subject: Grafiti board...

Ok im making  grafiti board but i need to know a few things (you dont
need to reply to this one)

a) how do i make php write to the top of a text document?
b) how do i make a table with a scroll bar in?
c) are you mad at me for doing this post?
d) does anyone know the code for changing the scroll bar colour?

Sorry that half of these aint PHP question, but remember you dont need
to answer but any help would.... be...... helpful!

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