I don't want to ask all these silly questions constantly time, but being
lazy overcomes the urge not to do so.

Having a page somethin/somewhere/index.php?do=this&and=that. This page
does some updating and database queries. Hitting the reload button makes
these things happen again (obviously). My question is, what are the
usual ways of dealing with this problem?

I don't want to separate my code into separe files, i.e. linking into a
script that does the updating and redirects to the original page without
the do=this&and=that part. When you require a html page modify itself,
is it possible to remove the GET stuff from the result? By, f. ex. using
header(whatnot: where) and then builing the material?

I might not be very clear about this, but hopefully the meaning filters

- Jon Thompson Coon

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