On Mon, 10 Sep 2001 12:18, Jason Murray wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've just downloaded, configured and installed OpenLDAP from
> www.openldap.org. Now I have to recompile PHP to support it,
> which is proving interesting.
> http://www.php.net/manual/en/install.configure.php says to
> use --with-ldap[=DIR], where "The parameter is the LDAP base
> install directory, defaults to /usr/local/ldap."
> I don't have /usr/local/ldap, and I don't know what the "base
> install directory" is. (I installed OpenLDAP *from* root's
> home directory in /root/openldap-2.0.11, but that seems a bit
> unusual to use in a configure command)
> There's a whole bunch of stuff in /usr/local/lib, though:
> [root@prowler]# ls /usr/local/lib
> liblber.a     liblber.so.2  libldap.la      libldap.so.2.0.6
> libldap_r.so  php           liblber.la      liblber.so.2.0.6
> libldap.so    libldap_r.a   libldap_r.so.2  php.ini
> liblber.so    libldap.a     libldap.so.2    libldap_r.la
> libldap_r.so.2.0.6
> ... so could someone please tell me what I should be using
> for the base install directory here?
> Thanks
> Jason

You'll probably find other bits in /usr/local/share, /usr/local/include 
and /usr/local/etc. So try your luck using  just /usr/local

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