Let me explain my situation...

  I am trying to make an autoresponder, I want to make it in PHP, I am using
qmail, so in PHP what i was hoping to do was read STDIN, and put in my
.qmail the path to php, then the script, but I don't know where php is
located on the server(not my server, i've tried the common paths, they don't
respond to emails), so now what i have done is made a perl script, that go's
to the url of the php script, but it doesn't appear to work reading stdin
from there, so now what i am wanting to do is capture stdin in the perl
script, then POST it into the PHP script...here is what I have in the perl
script so far...

use IO::Socket;
$host = "www.domain.com";
$EOL = "\015\012";
$BLANK = $EOL x 2;
$document = "autoresponder.php";
$remote = IO::Socket::INET->new( Proto     => "tcp",
                                 PeerAddr  => $host,
                                 PeerPort  => "http(80)",
print $remote "GET http://$host/$document HTTP/1.1". $EOL;
print $remote "HOST: ". $host. $BLANK;
while ( <$remote> ) {  }
close $remote;

BTW I have been looking at RFC 2616 informatino, but Havn't managed to find

     - James "ReDucTor" Mitchell

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