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Sunday, September 09, 2001, 11:59:13 PM, you wrote:


BvO> I'm I the only person who gets these stupid messages?? Since when are PPL 
BvO> running mailman to collect mail from this or any other list??

BvO> I suppose someone installed and misconfigured mailman.. hope it stops soon.

BvO> Bye,

BvO> B.

>>Subject: Your message to Miki awaits moderator approval
>>X-Ack: no
>>X-Mailman-Version: 2.0.2
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>>List-Post: <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>List-Subscribe: <http://canaan.co.il/mailman/listinfo/miki>,
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>>List-Id: <miki.canaan.co.il>
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>>List-Archive: <http://canaan.co.il/pipermail/miki/>
>>Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 09:53:02 +0300
>>Your mail to 'Miki' with the subject
>>     Re: [PHP] PHP Web Base Email
>>Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.
>>The reason it is being held:
>>     Message has implicit destination
>>Either the message will get posted to the list, or you will receive
>>notification of the moderator's decision.

I get 'em too and just ignore.

Best regards,
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