while (!feof($fid))
           file://echo "ligne : $line_num\n<br>\n";
           $line = strtolower(fgets($fid,4096));
           file://echo "contenu de la ligne : $line\n<br>\n";
           $words= explode(" ",$line);
           while (list($foo,$word)=each($words))
                  for ($car=0;$car<strlen($word);$car++)
                        file://echo "lettre : $word[$car] - \t";
                        if ($letter_value=$tab[$word[$car]])
                   file://echo "mot : $word; ";
                   file://echo "valeur : $word_value\n<br>\n";
                   if ($word_value==100)
                        echo "the word <b>$word</b> on line $line_value of
the input file has a value of $word_value.<br>\n";
     echo "<br>\n<font color=\"red\">If nothing appears above, no word with
a value of 100 was found !!!\n";


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    //\        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
    v_/_     http://nayco.free.fr

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