yes, you can popup a html form with target = _parent, like this:

First page:

<select name=xxx>
 if (isset($opt))
   $opts[] = $opt;
 foreach ($opts as $opt)
   print "<option>".$opt."</option>";
<a>add another opt</a>

Popup page:

<form .... target=_parent>
<input name=opt >
<input type=submit value="go">

this should be work, i write it very fast, i don't test it, but this is a
start point :)


Alexander Deruwe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hewwo,
> When selecting a value from a combobox, I always have a link that allows
> adding a record to the table the combobox pulls it's data from. Here is my
> problem:
> Is it possible in any way to a popup window (JavaScript),
> in a record, add it to the database (PHP) and then reload the caller page
> that the just added record appears in the combobox where the user can
> it for completing the file? Or add it to the combobox manually with
> JavaScript to avoid a reload?
> Alexander Deruwe.

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