I have a configuration file that I use to store several variables and
would like to provide a web-based interface to update this form.  I'm
having some trouble replacing part of the file while leaving the rest of
it intact.

An example of the config file is:

$eventInfo[1][1] = "First Event Title";
$eventInfo[1][2] = 145;
$eventInfo[1][3] = 300;

$eventInfo[2][1] = "Second Event Title";
$eventInfo[2][2] = 50;
$eventInfo[2][3] = 1500;

What I can't figure out is how to selectively update certain lines,
while leaving all the other lines intact and without changing the
structure or order of the page. So, if I wanted to change
$eventInfo[1][2] to 150 and $eventInfo[2][3] to 2000, how can I do that
without mucking up the rest of the page?  I can update any one line by
using something like the following:

$fd = fopen($configFile, "r+"); //open the file and truncate it.
$newContents = eregi_replace("eventInfo\[1\]\[1\] =
\".*\";","eventInfo[1][1] = \"" . $form_eventTitle . "\";",$contents);
$newFile = fwrite($fd,$newContents);

but if I try to update more than one line, it causes the rest of my file
to get truncated or other weird things to happen.

Any help is appreciated.


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