G'day Jason

>> On the hosting provider, HTTPS connections don't work.  But,
>> I'm told the command-line version of curl does work.
> That'd probably be because they didn't install the HTTPS-able
> version of cURL. Check out curl.haxx.se for more info.

No, testing shows that their cURL binary does work just fine with HTTPS URIs.
Thinking I'd gone crazy (which, admittedly, would be a short trip), I ran
tests here using various PHP versions.  All the PHPs were built with the
same configure options and curl was only built once.

And... I noticed the same behaviour with v4.0.6 as the hosting company has
seen on their boxes.  That is, 4.0.6 doesn't like the curl library installed
on my local machine - but 4.0.4p1 and 4.0.5 work just fine.  Curious.


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