Hi all,

I'm currrently developing a dynamic, user-added content site.
The thing is, content can be added and edited my TWO people.. 
the original writer, and the editor.

So, my problem is, if the editor/user makes an edit to content 
whilst the other is also attempting to do so, one of them will 
get overwritten.

This isn't the end of the world, but it's a bit of a problem 
i'd like to clear up.

So, my initial thought was to add a new column to the code 
"locked" with a time that the code can be re edited.

1. when the user requests to edit the content, the 
   program first makes sure any "locked" time has 

2. he/she is given a time limit (say 10 minutes) to 
   edit and re-submit, during which time the annother 
   user cannot edit or change the content.

3. when the user submits the edited content, the
   locked timestamp is deleted, so that the content
   can be re-edited earlier than the 10 minutes.

4. if the user submits after the 10 minutes, they
   are rejected, since the content may have been
   edited by annother user.

Does this seem like a good move?  Can any one offer any firther 
tips or a smarter way to do this?

Justin French

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