Hi! friend,
   I had one html form .
   In that i had 5 inputs.
   First option is a select box.
   If the selected item is Mobile then only i want to display  second and
third input boxes. Otherwise i want to hide those two options.

How can i endure that?

Please give the solution to this problem.

Thanks and regards

Here i am sending the file..


<!DOCTYPE html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">

<script language="Javascript">

function check(){

   alert('Please select the item name');
   return false;
      else if(document.addinv.inv_type.options[0].selected)
   alert('Please select the item type');
   return false;

      else if (document.addinv.inv_tag.value=='' ||
                 alert('Inventory tag is required and it must start with
alphabet.Please try again');
                 return false;


      {         document.addinv.method = "POST";
             return true;


<body background="imacbg1.gif" ONLOAD="document.addinv.inv_name.focus()" >

   <center> <h1> ADD INVENTORY ITEM </h1></center>
     <! Get current time and date >
           <?php    $today = date("Y:m:d h:i:s"); ?>

          <h3> TIME STAMP: <?php echo $today; ?> </h3>
 <form name="addinv" >

 Item Name :
     <select name="inv_name" STYLE="width : 120px">

    <option value="0" SELECTED>SELECT</option>
      <option value="Mobile">Mobile</option>
      <option value="SIM">SIM</option>
      <option value="Data Cable">Data Cable</option>
      <option value="Charger">Charger</option>
      <option value="Power Supply">Power Supply</option>


Item Type:
      <select name="inv_type" STYLE="width : 120px" >

        <option value="0" SELECTED>SELECT</option>
       <option value="PTX520">PTX520</option>
       <option value="PTX438">PTX438</option>
       <option value="J5">J5</option>
       <option value="J6">J6</option>
       <option value="Z5">Z5</option>


 IMEI Number<input type="text" name="inv_imei" size="15" value="">

 Item Tag   <input type="text" name="inv_tag" size="15" value="">

 Status     <select name="inv_status" STYLE="width : 120px">
        <option value="0" SELECTED>SELECT</option>
        <option value="stock">STOCK</option>
        <option value="inuse">IN USE</option>

  <input type="button" Value="ADD" OnClick="check();"></td>


If  Item name is Mobile then only we can enter type and IMEI...otherwise i
want to hide and i will insert blank values in to the database.

Thanks in advance.


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