maybe one day, PHP will implement user defined tags ....
this could be an idea, if this is prooved to be useful.

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Yep this is not bad!
> <html>
> Hello, <showusername/>.  Your last login was <showlastlogin/>.<p>
> </html>

and now using PHP's short tags, you can make it even prettier:

 Hello, <?=showusername()?>.  Your last login was <?=showlastlogin()?>.<p>


"Dr. Evil" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> It seems to me that one of the problems with PHP is that you have to
> include code in your HTML pages.  Even with the cleanest design, you
> end up with HTML that looks like this:
> <html>
> Hello, <?php showusername(); ?>.  Your last login was <?php
> showlastlogin(); ?>.<p>
> </html>
> This is ok, but it seems to me that java taglibs provide a more
> elegant way to do the same things:
> <html>
> Hello, <showusername/>.  Your last login was <showlastlogin/>.<p>
> </html>
> This lets the backend stuff be completely separated from the html
> design part of things.  What do people think of this?  I'm just now
> learning JSP so I'm thinking about the differences between PHP and
> JSP.
> In general, both are powerful ways of creating dynamic websites, but
> they have different characteristics and are better for different
> things.  I'm learning java but I will continue to use both, depending
> on the task.

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