I am trying to create a table in a mySQL database, seems like it would be
easy enough, but for some reason it is not working, below is the code:

        // Query to create table and columns
        $sql = "CREATE TABLE 'products' (
                                id      INTEGER UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTOINCREMENT 
                                description     TEXT,
                                jewelery-type   VARCHAR(255),
                                catalog-number  VARCHAR(255),
                                price   VARCHAR(255),
                                stone-type      VARCHAR(255),
                                stone-color     VARCHAR(255),
                                stone-cut       VARCHAR(255),
                                stone-clarity   VARCHAR(255),
                                stone-carat     VARCHAR(255),
                                supplier        VARCHAR(255),
                                metal-type      VARCHAR(255),
                                width   VARCHAR(255),
                                length  VARCHAR(255),
                                setting VARCHAR(255)

        // create connection
        // substitute hostname, username and password
        $connection = mysql_connect("mkrisher", "mkrisher", "") or die ("Couldn't
connect to server.");

        // select database
        // substitute database name
        $db = mysql_select_db("richmondjewelers") or die ("Couldn't open

        // execute SQL query and get result
        $sql_result = mysql_db_query($db, $sql) or die ("Couldn't execute query!");

I always get the "Couldn't execute query" error, is there something else
that I should be doing, watching for permission issues or something?

Thanks in advance,
__ Michael Krisher

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