See my response to Girish' post.
You can't have JavaScript talking to PHP in real-time for user-interaction.
You either need to send your ENTIRE tree to JavaScript, or make the user
choose on each page from a sub-menu...

For that, you would just need to have JavaScript set the location to
something involving the ID of the sub-category so PHP can then generate a
new menu.

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From: Nelson Goforth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 3:06 PM
Subject: Hierarchic menus using Javascript and PHP?

> On my site I have a page that takes input into a MySQL database
> (though this isn't a db question).
> Each entry has a category and a subcategory entry, which should come
> from predefined lists and are therefore instituted as pull-down
> lists.  The category list is in a PHP array which feeds a SELECT
> pull-down list.  The subcategory choices should depend upon what
> category is selected.  In order to ease user input, I've used a
> javascript function to cause the subcategory pulldown to depend upon
> the category selection.  Thus if the category is Animals, the
> subcategory SELECT would show "dog", "cat", "fish" - but if the
> category were "Colors" the possible subcategories might be "Red",
> "Green", "Yellow", "Puce".
> On the initial entry - a blank record - this all works fine.  But if
> I go back in to modify a record I run into trouble, as I can't make
> the page reflect the stored value of the subcategory within the
> pull-down list (i.e. as the SELECTED item).
> I use the following PHP code to display the $categories array - and
> if there is a stored value ( $formValues["category"] ) it displays
> that selection as "SELECTED" - which is exactly right.
>    printf("<TR><TD>Category </TD>");
>    printf("<TD><SELECT NAME=category ONCHANGE=\"updateCats()\">\n");
>    printf("<OPTION VALUE=0> === Select One === </OPTION>\n");
>    $i=0;
>    while ($i < count($categories)) {
>      printf("<OPTION VALUE=%s %s>%s</OPTION>\n",
>        $categories[$i],
>        $categories[$i] == $formValues["category"] ? "SELECTED" : "",
>        $categories[$i]);
>      $i++;
>    }
>    printf("</SELECT></TD></TR>);
> But when it comes to the Sub-Category the list that feeds the SELECT
> list is not in an array, but is coming from the JavaScript function
> like:
>    if(subCategoryIndex == 1)  // Colors
>[1] = new Option('Red');
>[1].value = "red";
>[2] = new Option('Blue');
>[2].value = "blue";
>      ...etc...
> I can't figure a way to make the 'Update' version of the page display
> the value of the Sub-Category in a select list (so that the user CAN
> update it).  I can certainly have the value display, but it no long
> has the other possible members of the list, since it's not coming
> from a display.
> I couldn't see a way to do this (updating one form element from
> another) completely in PHP - else I would have.
> Does anyone have any ideas?
> Could I feed a PHP array FROM JavaScript?  If I could get the
> subcategory selection list into an arry I think I could make this
> work.
> Or possibly use another JavaScript script inside the PHP portion of
> the page in order to force it to mark the appropriate item
> "SELECTED"?  I tried this but couldn't make it work.
> Any help is appreciated - Thanks,
> Nelson

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