We, well I can't speak for everyone, but I appreciate your sentiments and I
am sure many people do.  Pray, pray for those survivors, pray for those who
are possibly still trapped in/under the world trade center, pray for the
relatives of victims, spread the word of peace.  Like I heard earlier all it
takes is a small stone to start a large snowball, which can also be applied
to doing good in the world instead of evil.

thank you for your concern and God bless.


> From: "nafiseh saberi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 10:33:59 +0430
> Subject: [PHP] terror
> in IRAn all people hear bad news about terror.
> and want to help.
> how are you,are you safe ???
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> Best regards.
> Nafiseh Saberi  
> Iran -  Shiraz
> Try to always happy and hopefull.
> The smooth sea never made a skillful mariner.
> Love your enemies , it will cause to try more.
> -- please send me your sentences .
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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