At 23:50 11-9-01 -0500, Richard Lynch wrote:
>You could examine the web-server logs...
>But you either have to assume people only read it once, or count IPs and
>ignore AOL/DHCP/Hotmail etc users whose IPs will change more or less at

The problem is that you may not be able to count IP's. I know quite a few 
ISP's who are using a proxy.. :(

I've been thinking about this and the only way to be sure.... uhm.. quite 
sure.. is to add a link in the signature which will ask people to click on 
that link.. You could think about adding a contest and let them win 
something, or just a question like "did you find this information usefull". 
It highly depends on the PPL who have subscribed. Remember to add a unique 
identifier to that link to prevent opions to be counted more then once.



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