have you tried : 

<Input Type=\"CheckBox\" Name=\"ChkBox[]\" Value=\"$row->ID\">


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Ryan Stephens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit dans le message : 
> Im trying to output a list of options, each with a checkbox named "ChkBox"
> and with a value of the ID number from the database. This is no prob.
> The thing is, i want to be able to select some of those checkboxes (any
> number, in combination) and delete the information from the database that is
> associated with the ID for that CheckBox.
> Example of input tag:
> <---------------------------------->
> echo "<TD><Input Type=\"CheckBox\" Name=\"ChkBox\" Value=\"$row->ID\">\n";
> <----------------------------------->
> Now i thought that if i selected say items 1, 2, 3 from the list (and there
> IDs are 1, 2, 3) then When i submit the form a comma delimited string would
> be created (an array even.... not sure what it is).
> How would i loop through this list and break it apart so i can delete each
> record from the database that was selected.
> Ryan
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