I am trying to find out the the best way to do the following:

I have a script that select records from a table.  The problem is that I
need to limit the rows to 20. I know that I can use limit 20.  But what I
want to do is give the view a link to the next 20 till all the records are
shown.  What I don't know is how to maintain the search query and I want
to use the same script.

The logic would be to check if the script is called the first time, then
the sql statement would be select travel.*, city.city from travel, city
where travel.cityid=city.id limit 0,20.
The second time or based on what has been selected on the page (1-20,
21-40, etc) add that to the sql statement.  My question is how?

Can someone guide me or give me some example.



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