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Sean C. McCarthy wrote:
> If you mean http://www.webtechniques.com/archives/1998/02/lerdorf/ what
> inserts in the DB is just the image's name, but not the file itself.

I had trouble opening up the upload.php3 file in list six, so I couldn't verify 
by looking at the code.  Not sure if it was the javascript or what, but I 
couldn't open it.

> What is exactly the problem you are having with the class? Just a couple
> days ago I had a problem uploading files into a MySQL DB because the
> addslashes function. As I have seen in this code it also uses it. Your
> problem is with getting corrupt data from the DB?

Add slashes are included as the file is added to the array:
$this->daten["image"] = addslashes(fread(fopen($userfile, "r"), 

Some content almost gets inserted.  However it only gets as far as:
        Content-Type: image/jpeg 

The image filed is just a blob

> If it is this use base64_encode and base64_decode. This is a tip Chris
> (only know his name) gave me as no solution for addslashes was given...
> Thanks again Chris!!

Ok..  This is getting better..

$this->daten["image"] = addslashes(base64_encode(
fread(fopen($userfile, "r"), filesize($userfile))));

gives me quite a lot more information.  Even looks like when I upload different 
images, that it is different information (unlike previous attempts)

Unfortunately, it still isn't producing the graphic that I'm looking for... 

I get raw code easily enough:

Which is generated by:
mysql_connect($DBHOST, $DBUSER, $DBPASS);
$resultset = mysql_query($query);
$query = "SELECT image FROM ztpv_images WHERE imageID = $imageID";
$resultset = mysql_query($query);
print(stripslashes(base64_decode(mysql_result($resultset, 0, "Image"))));

So I couldn't either view the file here..  or within a <SRC="">.  See:

Also thanks for providing the direct URL for :>>Rasmus' classic Photo Album is still 
online with source code.
>>"Rasmus Lerdorf" and "Photo Album"

The google reference was a bit indirect (but it got to the same place too). 
Thanks Richard for this.  Although I did have problems actually viewing the script.


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>>>Has anyone developed another class for uploading images to a MySQL
>>>I downlaoded upload_db.zip from:
>>>as it was a phplib based and it looks like it should do what is required.
>>>However it doesn't seem to be working.
>>>Does anyone else have any good pointers to scripts to store jpg/png files
>>>MySQL using PHP?
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