> hello everyone,
>   how can i set the expiration of my sessions with or without 
>   the cookies enabled? say if a user idles for some time, the 
>   session will now expire.
> TIA!
> jessie

I'm using a solition that's something like this:

first, each time a user logs in to the site, a timestamp is added
to his user entry in the database.

then, at top of each page view, you call a function like this

$username=getUserName($db_handle,$sess_id); //$sess_id is my own created 30
char-random letter string
if(!$username) { echo "You're not logged in, die!"; die; }

This function returns the username assigned with the current session id,
and also checks wether last timestamp is older than X minutes, if it's not,
it updates it, if it is, it throws the user out.

Here's the function (60*20 gives user max 20 minutes time of idling, then
he/she must log in again):
function getUserName($db,$sessionID) {
        $query_idd = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tblUsers WHERE
ID='$sessionID'", $db);
        if (mysql_num_rows($query_idd) == 0) {
                return "";
        } else {
                $row = mysql_fetch_array($query_idd);
                $diff = time() - $row["lastlogin"];
                if ($diff > (60*20) ) { echo "Connection timed out<br>";
die; }
                $newstamp = time();
                $updatestamp = mysql_query("UPDATE tblUsers SET
lastlogin='$newstamp' WHERE username='".$row["username"]."'", $db);
                return $row["username"];

and here's the function i use to create a random id:
function getRandomID($db,$table) {
        do {
                for($a=0; $a<30; $a++) {
                        switch($tmp) {
                                case 0: $b.=chr(rand(97,122)); break; //a-z
                                case 1: $b.=chr(rand(65, 90)); break; //A-Z
                                case 2: $b.=chr(rand(48, 57)); break; //0-9
        } while (mysql_query("SELECT * FROM ".$table." WHERE
        return $b;

hope this helps!


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